EDITORIAL: Conference proceedings and more

Abraham (Rami) Rudnick, MD, PhD

On May 24 and 25, 2024, over 240 physicians and learners gathered in Montréal for the 2024 Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership (CCPL), sponsored by the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders (CSPL). For the first time, the proceedings of this annual conference are included in this issue of the Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership (CJPL). This year’s theme, Shifting the Paradigm, was highlighted using an innovative format that encouraged attendees to rethink established norms, challenge traditional structures, and engage in bold conversations on reforming our healthcare system. The goal was to continue to shift from a reactive position to being proactive and visionary.  read online | download pdf

Conference Proceedings

Our annual Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership, themed “Shifting the Paradigm” this year, took place May 24-25. This section provides a comprehensive overview of the conference program’s major components, including the keynote presentations, panel session, plenary workshops, concurrent workshops and the awards ceremony, allowing you to delve into the key insights that were shared at the event. read online | download pdf

2023-24 Canadian Certified Physician Executives

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2024 Chris Carruthers Excellence in Medical Leadership Award

Dr. Curtis Johnston has made significant contributions to medical leadership throughout his career, leaving a profound impact on the healthcare systems across Alberta. Serving in various leadership roles, including hospital Site Chief of both Medicine and Critical Care, Facility Medical Director, and Deputy Zone Medical Director for the Edmonton Zone, Dr. Johnston has demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities and a steadfast commitment to the development of medical leaders.

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COACHING CORNER: How coaches can engage clients to empower performance

Debrah Wirtzfeld, MD, MBA

The Canadian Physician Coaches Network (CPCN) is a not-for-profit organization whose coach members serve the needs of clients who are physicians. All members have previous experience working with physicians and recognize the unique challenges that come with being a member of the medical profession. Because engaging with a coach is an important aspect of achieving full leadership ability,1-3 the CPCN has chosen to come together with the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders to produce a quarterly Coaching Corner. Each article explores a potential physician leadership challenge and how a coach might engage with a client to assist them in empowering their performance. This article uses a fictitious person in a realistic scenario with the author as the coach.

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HEALTH ECONOMICS: Cost is not a four-letter word: focus on what you can change

Jeffrey S. Hoch, PhD, and Carolyn S. Dewa, MPH, PhD

In this second article in a series on health economics, we focus on cost concepts that are important for leaders who must decide how to spend scarce organizational resources like time and money. Building on the first article’s focus on efficiency, this article delves into the important ideas of expected, fixed, variable, and marginal costs. Knowledge of these types of costs can help leaders successfully identify optimal courses of action. An understanding of these concepts can also help leaders communicate.

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BOOK REVIEW: Health for All: A Doctor’s Prescription for a Healthier Canada

Jane Philpott, MD

McLelland & Stewart, 2024

Reviewed by Johny Van Aerde, MD, PhD read online | download pdf