CJPL Volume 9 Number 2


Finding the balance

Colleen Galasso

Executive Director, CSPL

It has been a while since our last journal issue and, in that time, much has happened at CSPL. We are excited to bring you up to speed about our ongoing endeavours.

Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership

After two years of leading CJPL, our editor-in-chief, Sharron Spicer, has made the difficult decision to step down from this role. CSPL would like to acknowledge and thank Dr. Spicer for the invaluable contributions she has made to our publication. CSPL is currently looking to fill this position. If you are interested or would like more information on what this position entails, please contact us ([email protected]). 

With Dr. Spicer’s departure, we felt this was an opportune time to review and assess the future direction of our journal. At the end of March, we sent a short survey to our members, and we thank those who responded with valuable feedback. In “Room for improvement, say CSPL members,” we share the key findings from the survey. Of course, we welcome your feedback on CJPL at any time. 

Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership

We are delighted to provide you with a recap of CCPL2023, which took place in Vancouver on 26–27 May. This year’s conference centred around the theme Healing our Health System: Leadership for Renewal and included thought-provoking presentations and insightful discussions. To get the essence of the conference, read the article “Harnessing hope and optimism at CCPL2023.”

Save the date: CCPL2024 will be held 24–25 May in Montréal. We look forward to seeing you there!

Annual general meeting

At the time of the conference, CSPL holds its Annual Meeting of Members. One of the key decisions coming out of the meeting was to increase membership dues. After holding dues steady for the past three years, there was overwhelming approval to increase them by 10% for the next two years. The membership fee for 2024 will be $215 — a small increase considering the value received.  

Also in this issue

This issue’s articles are all about finding balance. One weighs the impact that medical questions on licensure applications may have on patient safety and physician well-being. Another navigates the challenges and opportunities that arise when AI is placed alongside physicians. One article examines the impact COVID has had on hospitalists and what is needed to reverse the staff shortages in this specialty. 

The CSPL, in partnership with LEADS Global, the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, Sanokondu, and EqHS (Equity in Health Systems lab) hosted a post-conference summit, Thriving People and Flourishing Planet: Leadership in Action, which was well attended by an enthusiastic and committed group of industry leaders and physicians. Dr. Johny Van Aerde’s review of The Climate Book details how close we are to the tipping point of irreversible harm to our planet. It also ties into the concerns raised at the post-conference summit. 

We hope you enjoy this issue!