Embracing progress

Colleen Galasso

Physicians, more than most, understand that change is the only constant. In navigating the ever-evolving landscape of health care, the theme that resonates most is “innovate and evaluate.” These principles are the pillars that form the foundation of effective physician leadership, guiding your pursuit of excellence and relevance. 

Innovation is the engine that propels us forward. It is the driving force behind your collective efforts to redefine and enhance health care. Whether it be leveraging cutting-edge technologies, exploring novel treatment modalities, or reimagining care delivery models, innovation is the key to unlocking improved patient outcomes and an enhanced health care system. The range of innovation is vast, promising transformative potential that can be felt throughout the entire health care system.

However, innovation alone is not sufficient. It is like setting sail without a compass. In celebrating the strides we make in health care innovation, we must equally champion the rigorous evaluation of these innovations. Evaluation grounds us in evidence-based practices, ensuring that the changes we implement not only meet the needs of our patients and the health care system but also withstand critical assessment and the test of time. 

As we head into a new year, let’s remain steadfast in our dedication to both innovation and evaluation. This issue’s contributors exemplify the spirit of progress and adaptation. The articles, delving into co-leadership, gender parity in leadership roles, artificial intelligence (AI), leadership style, and well-being, capture the essence of innovation while underscoring the importance of thorough evaluation. 

Like you, CSPL is also taking steps in the area of innovation. CCPL2024 is undergoing a transformation to redefine your conference experience. We’re revamping the format to prioritize active participation and engagement. Through a new, dynamic platform, attendees will not only be active participants but also influential contributors in shaping the conference agenda and determining the issues to be addressed. Our goal is to amplify every voice, foster collaboration, and create an environment where ideas can flourish. Throughout this transformation, our commitment to advancing your individual leadership knowledge and skills remains strong through the provision of pre-conference courses and workshops. Join us, and let’s make CCPL2024 a conference experience unlike any other.

In the spirit of progress, I am pleased to share the exciting news that Dr. Abraham (Rami) Rudnick will assume the role of editor-in-chief of CJPL starting in January. Dr. Rudnick brings with him a wealth of experience, expertise, and a fresh perspective that will undoubtedly enrich our journal. I am eager to see the innovative strides the journal will make under his guidance.

This issue is more than a collection of articles; it is an invitation to you, as leaders, to innovate our approaches, elevate our impact, embrace the lessons that shape us, and prioritize the well-being that sustains us.

Wishing you a joyful holiday season, a reflective year-end, and a transformative beginning to 2024. 


Colleen Galasso is executive director, CSPL.

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