Room for improvement, say CSPL members

Colleen Galasso 

In its ninth year of publication, the Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership (CJPL) has been the “go to” source of articles on physician leadership in Canada, and we want to continue to build on this. With the departure of our editor-in-chief and the search for someone to take on this exciting role, the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders (CSPL) felt this was a fitting time to step back and assess the journal, so that it continues to provide the information physicians need and want.  

In March/April this year, we surveyed CSPL members. A mix of both closed- and open-ended questions allowed participants to share their perspectives, insights, and feedback. 

Despite a low response rate (only 6% of our 801 members), we consider the feedback valuable and will take it into consideration as we move forward. Here’s what you told us.

• Most respondents (88%) read CJPL, with 45% enjoying both the online and PDF versions; 40% preferred the online version, and 15% preferred the PDF version.   

• Most respondents (88%) indicated that they read only those articles that are relevant or of interest to them, with just 15% saying they read the entire journal.

• Just under 80% indicated that the articles are relevant to their position or role.

• Respondents (67%) would like CJPL to be published four times a year or three times plus a special conference issue and on a regular schedule.

CJPL needs to expand its scope and include articles from academia, industry, health care services, specialties, leadership level, nongovernmental organizations, and international health organizations (United States and United Kingdom).   

CJPL must cast a wider net and bring in more diversity of authorship and opinion to appeal to a broader base of readership. Not everyone is an academic or an institutional leader; most lead at the community, local, or regional level.

CJPL should consider adding features, such as a resident-focused section, health and well-being, advice column, coaching, showcase of a health leader.

CJPL should increase its visual appeal.

• Overall, 67% of respondents rated CJPL as excellent or very good, while 21% rated it as average.

We appreciate your feedback and insights. We will use this information to guide us over the coming year to ensure that CJPL remains relevant, informative, and inspiring to all physician leaders.  

If you did not complete the survey, it’s not too late to share your thoughts and ideas with us. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us understand your needs better. 

If you have conducted leadership research, engaged in leadership initiatives that were successful or not, or have a unique perspective on health care leadership, we encourage you to submit an article to CJPL. Your insights and experiences can have an impact on physician leadership in Canada. 

If you are dedicated to advancing physician leadership, fostering innovation, and driving positive change, we encourage you to apply for the position of editor-in-chief. 

To provide feedback or submit an article or if you are interested in the editor-in-chief position, please contact Colleen Galasso at 

[email protected].