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About the Journal

The Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership (CJPL) is a peer-reviewed journal launched in 2014. Published quarterly, it focuses on topics and issues related to leadership and the health care system as they pertain mainly, but not exclusively, to physicians and physician leaders.

Since 2014, the journal has grown, not only nationally, but also internationally. We are seeing submissions from well known authors, researchers, and health care organizations, as well as many articles from our own members.

Editorial Board

Owen Adams, PhD (ON); Nicole Boutilier, MD (NS); Eric Cadesky, MD (BC); Laura Calhoun, MD (BC); Scott Comber, PhD (NS); Graham Dickson, PhD (BC); Shannon Fraser, MD (QC); Edsel Ing, MD (ON); Darren Larsen, MD (ON); Andrea Lum, (ON); Anne McNamara, MD (BC); Imran Mirza, MD (AB); Rollie Nichol, MD (AB); Werner Oberholzer, MD (SK); Devin Proulx, MBA (AB); Greg Radu, MD (NL); Ghazala Radwi, MD (AB); Thilinie Rajapakse, MD (AB); Nikhita Singhal, MD (ON); Sharron Spicer, MD (AB); Johny Van Aerde, Founding Editor, MD, PhD (BC); Ruth Vander Stelt, MD (QC)

Duties of Editors

Editors evaluate submitted manuscripts exclusively on the basis of their academic merit (importance, originality, study’s validity, clarity) and, it’s relevance to the members of the Canadian Society of Physician leaders and to the journal’s scope, in the context of diversity and without regard to the authors’ race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, citizenship, religious belief, political philosophy or institutional affiliation. Decisions to edit and publish are not determined by the policies of governments or any other agencies outside of the journal itself. The Editor-in-Chief has full authority over the entire editorial content of the journal and the timing of publication of that content.

Confidentiality – Editors and editorial staff will not disclose any information about a submitted manuscript to anyone other than the corresponding author, reviewers, potential reviewers, other editorial advisers, and the publisher, as appropriate.  Read more  or download PDF

Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

The Can J Physician Leadership follows the COPE Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors and the Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers. It is expected of authors, reviewers and editors that they follow the best-practice guidelines on ethical behaviour contained therein.

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